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  1. Hi all. Im new but i was Hero ;d

    Hello all.i new in forum, and Nl too. I was ,,lokal Hero about Warsaw (pl) I Have experence from hard trainING and other oral&inj. I neEd motivation to back. I think the bomb is coming. I'm studied a lot of texts and tested a lot of Labs. My favourite combo is...I don't know can I write this. But thishe topic is my favourite...steroids, peptide, ,Effective ,and second : sides and I want Big mass and must have perfect abs too. Welcome to pm. I want meet new people. Warsaw is my heart and mind and now im live in EHV but I'm lazy
  2. Mactropin Nep?

    I'm tested a lot of and I have Labs always perfect...all stuff. This is very important . I love exclusive stuff and original of course. Come on,i want organised the best option but im pork and I need investors. Maybe are you fanatics. ? I am and i want start huge bomb and doing topic where I show my back to best; ) ,, I'm pork but my brother have the best and all stuFfestiniog from your and mine dreams...