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Ervaringen Beta Ecdysterone

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Beste allemaal,

Een tijdje terug kwam ik in een onderzoek de stof beta ecdysterone tegen. Het is een in sommige planten voorkomt, waaronder spinzie. Uit onderzoeken blijkt dat het de eiwitsynthese ondersteund en verbeterd en dat de deelnemers van onderzoeken die beta-ecdysterone nemen veel sneller progressie boeken. Ikzelf gebruik het nu ook een half jaartje en merk ook dat ik iets sneller gains maak dan toen ik het nog niet gebruikte en een paar maten van me ervaren hetzelfde. In de links hieronder staan wat artikelen over wat het precies is en doet. Ik vroeg me af of er meer mensen hier het gebruiken en wat de meningen erover zijn.

PS. Ik heb het geimporteerd en heb nog wat over, dus als er iemand interesse heeft om het te proberen kan je me een pm sturen.

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Hallo Thomb en welkom op het forum.

Het probleem met deze substantie is dat de meeste studies gedaan zijn ofwel In Vitro(proefbuis) ofwel bij ratten. Deftige studies bij mensen ontbreken. Hieronder enkele teksten uit bronnen die ik betrouwbaar acht.


 In spite of the fact that the study provides quite convincing evidence in favor of the unexpected potency of Ecdysterone, there is a problem with dosing. While the scientists say they used 5mg/kg body weight in order "mimic the situation in athletes", the correct rodent equivalent of the aforementioned dosages of up to 1g per day would be roughly 50-75mg/kg per day and thus far more than the meager 5mg/kg the researchers used.

In other words, if they didn't accidentally give us the human equivalen dose instead of the actual rodent dose, those 1g/day some bodybuilders may be taking should be way more than you'd need to see significant increases in muscle gains and that is a problem.

Why? Well, not because I'd believe that dosages as high may have toxic side effects, but rather in view of the fact that you can hardly imagine that a drug as effective as that wouldn't be all over the place in the discussions on pertinent bulletin boards. A 2006 study by Wilborn et al. even fuels the doubts, because it found no performance or hypertrophy effects in the 15 out of 45 subject of their 8-week training study who consumed 30 mg of 20-hydroxyecdysone per day from an allegedly standardized (but not tested) extract from Suma root. An even older study by Simakin et al. (1988), however, appears to confirm the existence of potent anabolic effects of ecdysterone in humans with significant increases in lean (6-7%) and reductions in fat mass (10%) in a 3-week study on 78 highly-trained male and female subjects. In view of the conflicting evidence, I am still very skeptical whether (a) the results translate to human beings, whether (b) the growth promoting effect is maybe restricted to slow twitch fibers and thus of little use to bodybuilders and whether (c) the supplements that are already being sold actually contain ecdysterones



At the moment, only one human study has been conducted with ecdysterone. Dosed at 200mg daily, no results were seen in resistance training males in regards to total and free testosterone or body composition changes when compared to placebo.[60] When tested for binding to the androgen receptor, 20-hydroxyecdysterone does not appear to have any binding affinity and thus cannot activate the androgen receptor.[48]

That being said, despite no influence on testosterone itself ecdysterone may be able to exert testosterone-like effects via signal transduction pathways (although the exact mechanism is not yet known); an action with ultimately the same biological significance as testosterone.[61]

There is not much evidence beyond in vitro to suggest ecdysterone useful for muscle protein synthesis or strength gains.



When tested in vitro, 20-hydroxyecdysone appears to promote muscle cell hypertrophy due to acting on the beta estrogen receptor. This molecule also appears to act on the alpha receptor, and when both receptors are being acted upon simultaneously the muscle cell still experiences hypertrophy

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