use mass gainer or whey powder

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I have a question regarding the use of bodybuilding supplements! please guide me.


To improve the muscle recovery process in an intense training program, is it better to use Mass Gainer supplements or Whey Protein powders?

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Mass gainers are Carb heavy products (read: sugar!) that help you to gain weight, combined with a lower amount of proteins.

Whey powders are 80% proteins, without added sugar.


I'm not  a fan of gainers, are there are much healthier options to gain weight.

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Mass gainer is not perse full of sugar thats BS dude i only use gainer when im on a clean bulk mass carb gainer.....but in your case you need proteine for recovery not a gainer the word already tells you what it does....... you GAIN weight........

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When I say something, I always have something to back up my claim.

They are available, indeed very true!  I could have been a little more clear on that. 
Thank you for correcting me so nicely 9_9

All of the gainers have this label


Doesn't sound particularly great to my ears either.


Some labels of regular weight gainers.





I stand by my claim; there are much healthier options to gain weight. Also in your case. Like it or not.


EDIT: to be clear(er); a quick intake of high carbs or sugars cause an insuline spike, which you want to prevent if possible. Shakes cause enough spiking as it is and you don't want to overdo it.
and to OP:  i again forgot to mention that, Whey indeed is the best option for muscle recovery. #oops!

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In my honest opinion:
Don't spend the money on it.

Because whole food, like potatoes and a piece of red meat or fish with a side of veggies will ALWAYS be better.
In calories, but also in ways of micronutrients!


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